Transition to Prep

Age is only one factor to consider when a child is ready to start primary school.

Every child needs to be socially and emotionally mature to cope with change and the demands of a classroom.  They need to know how to get on well with other children and feel comfortable being part of a group.

Children learn these skills at our Early Learning Centre. They learn to:

  • Express their ideas and talk about familiar experiences
  • Help others
  • Follow instructions
  • Share materials
  • Seek help when needed
  • Control themselves in times of conflict
  • Be curious about the world around them
  • Behave in ways that do not disturb or harm others
  • Wait for and take turns

Our teachers take children on regular visits to the prep classrooms and the school library to help them become familiar with the school environment.

Children also take part in the school’s transition to prep program that occurs towards the end of each year and is available for all children enrolling in the College’s Prep-Year 9 school.

To learn more about that program please click here.