Creating Capable Leaders

Parents want to improve their own skills. They want to encourage and support their children’s learning at school.

But many parents are not sure how to do this, especially if they lack confidence or didn’t experience success at school when they were young.

This is why we offer a course for adults, Creating Capable Leaders Training.

It helps adults to:

  • Learn new abilities that might help with further study or a job
  • Develop leadership and community skills
  • Improve their English skills
  • Create projects that will make a difference in the neighbourhood

Examples of success

Graduates of the first course in 2013 have already created their own project, known as Healthy Little Rainbows, to encourage families to eat healthy foods.

The group of Healthy Little Rainbows parents buys fruit and vegetables in bulk from the market. They package the fresh produce into bags containing a week’s worth of food and then sell the bags to College parents at discounted prices.

Other graduates of the training course are also achieving new goals. Some have enrolled in pre-vocational courses, while others have started applying for work.

The 8-week training course runs once a week from 9.30am-12.30pm, with refreshments and morning tea provided.

To find out more please contact our community engagement coordinator on 8765 0111.