Community Engagement & Wellbeing

We have a team of family support and health specialists who work together to help children and families at Doveton College.

We focus on early intervention and a coordinated approach to delivering health, education and family services.  Families enjoy quick access to services and avoid travelling long distances or joining long waiting lists to receive the services they need.

On-site services and programs available at our College for children, students and families include:

  • A primary school nurse and a secondary school nurse
  • A visiting children’s doctor from Monash Children’s Hospital
  • Psychologists, speech therapist and other therapists
  • Social worker and family support worker
  • Community engagement coordinator
  • Mental health family support programs
  • Settlement services for refugees and other newly arrived migrants, including health and wellbeing programs

To make an appointment or learn more about these services contact us on 8765 0111.