Enrichment Programs

A wide variety of extra-curricula programs are available for every child to extend their abilities and cater for their interests.  We welcome parent and community volunteers, who help run these programs with our specialist staff.

Our programs include:

  • Homework and tutoring programs outside school hours are currently in development
  • After school sports programs run by specialist sports coaches from Victorian and local clubs
  • Lunchtime chess club, knitting club, Minecraft club
  • Library program and Book Club
  • Dance classes
  • Play Pod container packed with open ended play equipment to inspire creativity and collaboration in the school yard at playtimes
  • Art exhibitions
  • Virtual World, an online computer program where students build interactive 3D environments
  • Annual school concert in our performing arts theatre
  • College bands, choir
  • Camps and excursions throughout the year
  • Sports days within the school and interschool sports events