Specialist Programs

Our College’s state-of-the-art multimedia studio and performing arts theatre enables us to deliver innovative music and multimedia programs for students, known as Doveton Live, through a partnership with Soundgarage, a multimedia education provider.

The College, with Soundgarage, is committed to:

  • Delivering multi literacy skills across the curriculum and year levels to enhance Literacy and Numeracy through the use of multimedia tools
  • Empowering students to design and understand technology and its uses
  • Students becoming confident and capable users of new media tools
  • Using cutting edge technology to explore the transmission of ideas

Doveton Live Delivers Real World Outcomes

Part of the College’s Doveton Live program includes the Real World Outcomes Project using the internet.

The project brings professionals with a variety of skills into the College to work with students. Web Designers, filmmakers and web content designers will work with students to create real and useful products for the community.  Examples of real world outcomes or products include:

  • Video content in under-catered for languages to create stronger connections in the community
  • A voice for Doveton’s large Pacific Islander community
  • A creative voice for our Koorie community
  • Online photographic exhibitions about the community
  • Short historical interviews with senior members of the community

The Real World Outcomes Project will bring this creative work by students together in one online location. Combined with the Doveton Live Virtual World program, which reaches out to students in Singapore, New Zealand, PNG, Hong Kong and Indonesia, the Real World Outcomes Project will make learning more meaningful for our students.

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Specialist music teachers from the internationally renowned Musical Futures program teach our students to learn music in our state-of-the-art multi-media studio and performing arts theatre.

Musical Futures is an innovative, hands-on approach to music tuition, based on the philosophy that music learning works best for young students when they are involved in making and performing music themselves.

The program is designed for the middle years of schooling, focusing on 10-15 year old students, because this is the age when students tend to lose interest in learning music at school. Musical Futures was developed in the UK and is now the accredited music curriculum in all British schools.

Our partner, Soundgarage, has the Australian licence to deliver the Musical Futures program in Australian schools.

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Students take part in sports programs and skills clinics taught by top coaches from the community organisations we partner with.

Our specialist sports programs include:

  • Rugby clinics and an Access Rugby Program run by coaches from the Melbourne Rebels Rugby team
  • Active After School Program run by accredited sports coaches, and funded by the federal government