Year Levels

Our Prep-Year 9 College is split into two Sectors, Prep to Year 4 and Year 5 – Year 9.  Each sector has a Year Level Leader and an Assistant Principal.

Our students are taught the AusVELs curriculum, which contains the core knowledge and skills for all students set out by the Victorian and Australian governments.

The curriculum makes clear what all students should learn as they progress through school and provides the foundation for high quality teaching.  You can learn more about what is set out in each subject or learning area for your child’s year level by viewing the curriculum at

We teach the curriculum by grouping the subjects into four inter-disciplinary areas.  All students follow this learning program.

In our primary school, for students from Prep to Year 6, the interdisciplinary areas are adapted to suit the needs of junior school students and the junior school curriculum.

In our senior school, for students in Year 7 to 9, the interdisciplinary areas are tailored to meet the requirements of the senior curriculum and our senior school students.

The four inter-disciplinary areas are:

Communications:  students are taught English, History, Geography, Economics and Citizenship

Investigations and Problem Solving: Mathematics and Science

Creative Arts and Technology:  art, music, sculpture, ceramics photography, visual communications, food and 3D graphics design, multi-media

Recreation and Wellbeing: physical education and sport, awareness of healthy lifestyles and the importance of personal wellbeing


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When students enrol in our senior school, every student in Year 7-9 is given a Advisory Teacher. The Advisor works with the student and family to create achievement goals for the student and then helps them reach those goals.

Other special features of Year 7-9:

  • Every student has an individual learning plan that is negotiated between the student, the College and the student’s family
  • A Learning Through Internship program is available to Year 9 students who have the desire and aptitude for an enhanced program that connects with the community. The internship allows students to spend time in the community engaged in structured learning under the close supervision of a mentor.

Transition to Year 10

When students graduate from Year 9 they choose to complete Years 10-12 at nearby Dandenong High School or Hallam Senior College or another school of their choice.

Our Transition to Year 10 program ensures this change is smooth and successful.