Principal’s Welcome

“Welcome to Doveton College.

Doveton College is built on a unique partnership between the state government’s Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and the Colman Foundation to provide wrap-around services for the families and children of Doveton.

The Doveton College project is the first to specifically target a community with the aim of dramatically boosting educational standards and whole-life opportunities for the children and young people of the community through early intervention, family support and community integration.

All of us are born with the ability and desire to learn but these qualities need to be supported and encouraged from birth.  At Doveton College we believe passionately that early learning programs are vital if our most precious resources – our children – are to reach their full potential and to lead healthy, rewarding and productive lives.

At Doveton College this is our mission. From the toddlers room, through the early years program for three and four year olds, into the learning program for school aged students, our focus is on the individual: what they can do and what we, as professionals, need to do to support their continued growth and achievement.

This is our work. The webpages that follow outline how we go about this.  Overcoming the issues and challenges our families, children and young people face is what will build Doveton College.  I am confident that together we will make a difference.”