About Family & Community

Our Family and Community programs

Helping parents is one of the key ways to help children thrive and reach their potential.  That’s why our College is a vibrant community centre, as well as a school and early learning centre.

By bringing health and family support services together on site at Doveton College, we make it easy for children and parents to get the support they need, when they need it.

Our support services include:

  • Maternal and child health programs
  • Supported playgroups for infants and toddlers
  • Visiting children’s doctor from Monash Children’s Hospital
  • Early childhood intervention services
  • Parent groups
  • Community classes
  • Adult education programs

Parents can make an appointment to see our school nurse or visiting doctor, enrol their child in a playgroup, join an adult education class or get help for everything from parenting problems to advice on employment and training.

Parents’ Room

It is important for parents to feel part of our College. We have a parents’ room where parents can drop in, relax, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and meet other parents.

The room is open every day from Monday to Friday.  It is a popular meeting spot, especially in the morning after children are dropped off at the College. Parents also use the room to work on projects and hobbies such as scrapbooking.


Parents and community volunteers play a vital role in the daily life of our College. They help our specialist staff improve opportunities for Doveton children and families.

Our Volunteer Co-ordinator is available to discuss opportunities for volunteering across a wide range of activities at the College.

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Why our approach makes a difference

On-site, integrated health and education services enable us to deliver:

Specialist help quickly and efficiently to children and families when they need it.

  • Better co-ordination between services. Teachers and specialists are able work closely together with families to achieve great results for children.
  • Improved school readiness for pre-school children
  • Stronger family-neighbourhood connections
  • Improved education and training opportunities for adult family members
  • A comprehensive program to encourage volunteering and local leadership

Government and non-government agencies run the health, education and family support services in partnership with Doveton College.  To learn more about our agency partners click here.

If you would like to get involved: Contact Us